‘How it makes me Feel’

Dissertation Installation- Design as Medicine

To accompany my dissertation study I have created an installation in CSAD, room B2.07. The purpose is to gather feedback from the users of B2.07 through the questionnaire which i have created and gather a wider understanding of how the wool installation makes users feel.

The installation is created from coloured wool stretching from the floor to the ceiling, wrapping around the room. I hope that it will enhance my research into how our environments make us feel. Building the installation to scale not only allows me to gather primary research, but also gives the opportunity for others to experience the proposed immediate effect of how changing a space affects how you feel.

The Build:


Building the installation took a lot longer than expected, and I had to work long into the night to get it finished for the next day of meetings. It was simple but time consuming. There were a few things that I had not considered such as how time consuming it would be,  I had not considered not covering the radiator and the door knocking the installation that was behind it. I solved these problems, using signage to warn users of B2.07 to be careful when opening the door. I also had to leave a section of the installation around the radiator. These issues did not impact on the overall feel of the installation.

Final Installation:

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