Exposure- Concept Crit

Host Building Anaylsis.

The host building currently sits in Cardiff Bay Marina as a floating office, known as Quay Pad. (Alan Gillard Associates, 2015.) I am going to change and adapt the existing structure depending on the client group I am designing for. The structural changes I will make will apply to the designs that involve a bedroom on the first floor. I will be creating a 1500mm extension up, to create a ‘sitting’ height bedroom. The shell of the building will then extend with this, to keep the original look designed by Gillard Architects (Alan Gillard Associates, 2015.) but taller. I will also be adding a floating structure (Perebo Schwimm Systeme. 2018.) around the home, to allow people to be able to walk around their house for cleaning, but also to create a small outdoor space, which could be utilized into a garden, sitting area or room for a small shed. This platform will also help to support the home with its new extension and keep it buoyant. Internally I will not be making any structural changes, due to it being a small area and no columns or other obstacles to work around. The only small change I will be making will be to add a ramp into some of the homes, depending on the client; as half the building drops by 300mm, creating a small step.

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As portable homes, they could be put anywhere in the world, with a body of water. I will be keeping my intended ‘village’ in the Cardiff Bay Marina, where the existing building currently stands. The sun path changes on where I place each home. I will be aware not to put the sun path directly into the large glass side of the homes, but over the top, as the water beneath the homes will reflect light into the interiors.

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