Dissertation- 08/10/19

‘Design as Medicine’.

This research focuses on how our environments affect us and how they make us feel. Also devilling into mental health crisis currently happening in the UK, and how I believe the design of our environments can help to solve this problem.

I profoundly believe that the environments we live in affect us as individuals. Not only do i believe that this is a good state of mind to have in life, but I apply this to every design that I create. If as an Interior Designer I am focusing on the users experience in the space and how it sparks different emotions for each individual user, then I believe that I can create beautiful spaces. This is why my research is delving into this field, as I feel it will push my boundaries to be a better designer.

Throughout this body of research I am going to look at

  1. Our Current Enviornments

  2. Mental Health

  3. How we Perceive the world

  4. Case Studies

  5. Create and Installation

Through different mediums of research I believe that this will help to support my core study of interior design.

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