A project from the Arts Council Wales to transform a classroom on a small budget of £1000. In which we brought all the resources for teaching and resources to hand make new furniture for the school.  Along side designing the classroom we taught a class of 8-9 year olds our subject of Interior Design to show them the process and get them involved with the design. Along with teaching Interior Design, we also incorporated some of their curriculum into our teaching by getting the class to participate in task such as measuring, estimating and creative thinking. We also ended every session with mindfulness as through research we found that this has great benefits, especially on children their age.  

We then hand built and installed all of the furniture, to give them the final outcome that they wanted. 

The purpose of this project was to show that not everyone learns in the same way, that the way that we are currently being taught in schools needs to change. We also wanted the class to enjoy school, enjoy the space they are using everyday and somehow give them a sense of ownership over their classroom. 



The Build




Final Product


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