The brief was to create an adaptable workspace for masters students, the space must be able to be personalised for each student, but they must also all have options of where to work. 

With such a small space, I created 'nut' desks which enclosed a private desk for each student to use, these desks were designed to encourage productivity by giving each user the privacy they desire for their work. There was also a communal area to be utilised, this could be used for a break between work or as an alterative space to work. 

I tried to use smooth curved lines throughout the design rather than striate sharp edges to give the whole room a softer and more relaxed atmosphere.



Nomadic Workspace

Initial Drawings



Chairs for Workspace


Screenshot (116).png
Screenshot (119).png
Nomadic Workspace

Final Images


screenshot-125 (2).jpg
screenshot-124 (2).jpg

Nomadic Workspace- 

Final Presentation