Undergraduate Research - Design as Medicine

A Study which Investigates the Relationships Humans have with Their Surroundings

This dissertation discusses the impact of current environments on human health. Demonstrating the importance of design. The methods adopted in this study involve secondary research from experts in this field, showing a profound body of research that demonstrates how spaces invoke feelings. A primary research case study in the form of an installation that takes place in the Cardiff School of Art and Design, which will show the direct impact in the change of design on humans. The research demonstrates a link between human emotion and the aesthetics of a space. The dissertation reached certain limitations, a wide variety of environments have been explored, if one specific environment had been explored then a clearer conclusion could have been drawn, however; the research will hopefully continue to develop into a Masters degree, focusing on a specific range of environments and developing how certain aspects of design can invoke certain feelings. The specifics of future research are yet to be decided.