City Fits

The brief for this project was to find a host building in Cardiff and create a space, something that Cardiff is missing. 

I had chosen the Prince of Wales building in Cardiff, this building has a rich history and due to it being a grade two listed building, the history is still there to be seen. A former theatre, with most interiors still there, and now currently functioning as a Weatherspoon's. 

I proposed a glamourous music and arts venue as there has been a lot of these buildings shutting down in Cardiff, so there is a need for this space. 

The scheme behind this design was to create a museum within the building to keep the interior features seen but not touched. All the events would then happen within big glass domes which divided the space so different activities could happen. The domes hosted a stage and performance room, a reception, two small display rooms, a larger room at the back of the building which could be used for display or host events and a bar.

A big design that would fit the host building and highlight the current features. 



Initial Drawings


Screenshot (243).png
Screenshot (245).png
Screenshot (255).png

Initial Floor Plans


Screenshot (265) n.png
Screenshot (266)H.png
City Fits

Final Images


screenshot-290 (2).jpg
screenshot-284 (2).jpg

City Fits, 

Full Presentation