Through my project 'Perform' as part of the 1:50 model that I have made, I decided to utilise the 3D printer in the university to help portray the conveyer belt element of my design. It is the main element and it made up from curves and elevations that I created, and as already made digitally I believe that to 3D print is the best way to portray it.

To do this I first created all my objects on SketchUp, this proved difficult as how I had originally made them, were to complicated to print, so I had to use the basic outline and rebuild most of the model.

Once completed I put the model into a programme called Cura, this allowed me to see what I had created and how it would be printed so that I can make any changes.

Some of the elements took hours to complete as they were large and solid objects, I tried to fit all the smaller pieces on in one print to save time, I did find that when using the printers not to ask it too many pieces in one print, the less the more accurate the prints.

I am very happy with the finished project, there are some imperfections however I used the off cuts to rebuild the missing parts.